Run With Christine

Meet Christine

Hello and welcome to this blog, celebrating everything running.

My name is Christine Pemberton, I’m British, married to an Indian and am a full-time New Delhi resident.

I’m a writer, a photographer and a blogger – you’ll find links to my other 3 blogs below.

All my life, I’ve been fit and healthy, but I’d never taken part in any competitions. So as part of my “Oh my God I’m turning 60” bucket list, I decided I wanted to run a race and cross a finish line, so I signed up for a Couch-6km run.

And that was that. The running bug bit. Very hard.

Since that first race, I’ve run half-marathons and marathons, and have learned to love rising at dawn and pounding the streets of Delhi. Running is now part of my life. In just a few years, running has given me so much happiness, so many friends, and this blog is a way to celebrate this.

Here, I share the highs & the lows, the whys & the wherefores of running.

I review running gear and running books, and suggest songs for your playlist. Runners from all over India and the world share their daily runs with us.

Quick reminder: before you head into the running blog, here are the details of my other 3 blogs.