It’s National Running Day

It’s National Running Day

Well, in the good ol’ US of A, that is.

Here in India, it’s just another Wednesday.

I discovered it was National Running Day from my handy mapmyrun app on my phone, but only after I had come home from my morning run, so it was all a tad too late.

But what a run it was.

It rained!

As in a pukka heavy downpour for about 10 minutes.

After the heat, oh the joy of having to take shelter from the rain…but then the dogs and I continued in the drizzle, too happy to care about getting soaked.

Any of you reading this in England (and thank you very much for so doing)  –  so, yes, you good folks probably cannot even begin to comprehend the joys of rain.

I know you were all cyber-grumbling yesterday about the winter weather returning to Blighty, so you’ll just have to take it on trust.

The arrival of rain in Delhi is cause for joy.  After the 43C of a couple of days ago, to run in 27C…fabuloso.

Fellow dilliwalas –  and especially my fellow #100daysofrunning friends – your thoughts on running in the rain?  Any advice?  Precautions?

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Oh, and by the way, I found these quotes online, in Pinterest.


  1. Yes, running during rain is pleasant, i remember many of us including Christine , ran in heavy drizzle on 1st march this year, on f1 track half marathon.that was very special

    Pankaj Arora
  2. Well,on the US National Running Day ,I went and trained on the treadmill ..but two days before that I did run in the RAIN:)I have run in the rain in the past but lemme just tell you about my last one.
    I am kinda training for an upcoming duathlon this sunday and that evening I was to do one third of race distance which meant 18.5 km of cycling followed by 6.66km of running.
    It was weather par excellence as i started out cycling at 6.45 pm.By the time I had cycled around 15 kms it started drizzling and it tickled me knowing I would be running in the rain next.
    Oh,how it rained!!It just poured so heavily….there was lightning ,thunder..the works:)I never imagined running in the colony itself could be so much fun.I had to change directions and turn right while running so the rain would not fall directly on my face …it was slowing me down;)
    And Christine,like you mentioned in another post here,even “at my age” ,i couldn’t help flailing my arms Titanic style as I ran.It was sheer bliss:)
    Waiting for my next rain run…hope its soon enough:)

    sangeeta saikia
    1. Sangeeta, promise me that when we meet and run together you will do a full on Titanic arm-flailing! And I did the EXACT same thing yesterday morning, much to my dogs’ amusement.

  3. Hi Christine,

    Happy Running Day!!! It’s now everyday a running day for the #100DaysOfRunning challengers. A happy running day!

    Running in rain… it is possible and can be done without any precautions… as it happened to me during the RunningAndLiving Half Marathon event in March’15. Rain took us all by surprise and no one was thinking that the event will not happen, so everybody was ready to run. And it rained, very heavily, then it stopped and cold wind started, then it rained again. It all went like this for the course of 21.1 kms. I have always imagined of running in rain but it happened that day and I achieved that feat.

    Run was good. When wind was against the body, then the tendency to maintain the pace was tested. When shoes were all wet and made them heavier with all the water inside, it got difficult to push the feet forward. It was like weights are tied to the ankle and a movie scene is going on where the protagonist is preparing for the race of his life.

    One may not cover oneself for the run in rain but yes don’t forget to keep a water-proof plastic cover to keep the mobile phone (which is tracking your run) away from the joy of rain water.

    Happy Running!!!

    – Harminder Singh

    Harminder Singh
    1. Gosh, Harminder, your description of the conditions when we all ran the HM in March 1st brought it all back to me…my biggest worry was not being able to see through my glasses, and worrying about tripping, if I took them off. Tell you one thing – I ran my fastest ever HM, just to get out of the rain!!


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