What did you see on your run today? Police cars!

What did you see on your run today? Police cars!

I like to pose the “What did you see on your run?” to fellow runners, but today I’m asking myself the question, because I had such an unusual sighting in my local Biodiversity Park.

No nilgai or jackal or dancing peacocks for you today, dear reader, but rather a clutch of police cars jamming up the narrow sandy track that runs through the park.

I saw a police car being admitted by the guard as I arrived, so guessed something was amiss, and in the usual wearied way of those of us who live in Delhi, imagined it must be some damn politician or “VIP” out for a walk, and therefore needing a police escort.

When I got to the gathering of little shrines that mark the 950m mark from the gate 😛 I found out the reason for the cops.

Overnight, 2 statues had been stolen from the temples.

Hence the cops.

Hence the crowd of morning walkers who were – like me, I freely admit – all slowing down to see what was happening.

The Hindustan Times provided corroboration the next day…

Sad, because this is a tranquil little spot, where I often stop to pay my respects.

A gaggle of pot-bellied men who power-walk and power-talk their way through the park every morning always stop at the little shrine for a prayer and another chat break.

In the summer there are always peacocks hanging around, often dancing under the trees behind the temple.

I vividly remember one very early morning when a man was sitting there playing a morning raga on the flute, and I thought I would burst into tears of happiness right there and then.

So, yes, sad, and an unwelcome intrusion into what is otherwise a tranquil, quiet little place in this big, noisy city.

(And about that remark that the shrines are 900m from the gate…I know exactly when my Garmin will tell me I’ve done a kilometre, and it’s on the bend after the temples… 🙂 🙂 )

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