What did you see on your run today? #488 comes from Delhi

What did you see on your run today? #488 comes from Delhi

In the interests of full disclosure, this isn’t a 3rd person post, so the “you” & “your” in the title are a bit misleading 😛

It’s actually about my run this morning in Delhi’s Nehru Park, which was other-wordly.

NOT because of the quality of my running, I hasten to add, which was its usual slow, plodding self, but because the park had been transformed by thousands upon thousands of seeds/flowers of the silk cotton trees.

It looked as though there was soft fluffy snow everywhere.

TOO gorgeous.

Like so:

See what I mean about the snow-y effect?

The fluffy seeds were absolutely everywhere:

I’d like to blame the slowness of my run on the fact that I kept stopping to take photos of the prettiness around me, but that’d be stretching a point. I did indeed take many photos – as did just about everyone on the park, I might add – but in all honesty, I can’t blame the trees for my slowness!

I think you get the general idea – it was so pretty 🙂

I half expected people to be picking up the soft, downy seeds…but no…

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