What did you see on your run today? #485 stars jackals

What did you see on your run today? #485 stars jackals

I’m so excited, I might as well tell you up-front: I saw 8 jackals during my run this morning.


I did a very slow, very short 9k run, and the perfectionist in me was secretly hoping for a 9th jackal to appear, to make it all neat and tidy.

After 2 weeks in Thailand during which I scuba-dived (fabulous!) and swam and walked miles, but didn’t run, it was good to be back on the trails in my local Biodiversity Park.

I took my run slowly (pause for my dear readers to mutter “so what’s new” 😛 ) and enjoyed the deep blue sky. The AQI wasn’t great this morning – it never is here, to be honest, but ouf!…that sky this morning was such a tonic.

And, of course, the 8 jackals.

And the kingfisher.

And the rufous tree pie.

And the zillions of peacocks strutting their stuff.

All too fabulous.

It felt good to run just for pleasure, which is all I can do at the moment, having missed all my big races this winter.

But at some point, clearly, I’m going to have to get my A into G and start training “properly”.

Can’t be completely directionless, now can I?

But for now, the blue sky and the wonderful jackals sightings are enough 🙂

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