So much for that 2024 comeback

So much for that 2024 comeback

Well, WHAT a damp squib 2024 is proving to be, thus far.

I’m speaking purely from my own, blinkered running perspective, you understand, though to be honest with all the sh-1-t taking place in the world, it’s a pretty dire state of affairs all round.

But since this blog is about running, and I am a runner (cue hollow laugh) I’ll confine my 2024 insults to running 🙂

I rather foolishly told myself that 2024 was gonna be my comeback year after a few wobbly years – think Covid + cancer – and so I happily signed up for the Mumbai Marathon in January and tomorrow’s New Delhi Marathon.

That’ll show ’em, I told myself, that there’s still life in the old girl yet.

Two marathons in two months.

Yeah, that’ll knock their socks off.

(Cue more hollow laughs)

Mumbai didn’t happen, mainly because I was totally under-trained, but also because my daughter stayed back for most of January for a small op and then recuperation.

Never mind, I told myself, you can redeem yourself in the New Delhi Marathon.

(Cue even more hollow laughs)

First, I switched from the marathon to the half marathon, to take the pressure off myself – you’re doing this for fun, remember Christine.

Training was going sort-of-kind-of-OK-ish…and then we went to Goa last week, where I got The Worst Food Poisoning In The History Of The World.

I kid you not.

On a scale of how sick I have been in my 40 years in India this is #1.

It knocked the horrors of Puri in 1983 into a cocked hat, and God knows, I’m still traumatised by that memory…

I’ll spare you the details – I’m nice like that – but suffice it to say we had to delay our flight back to Delhi because I was too sick to travel.

More than a week on, I am physically alright, but have zero energy. As in zero.

And so there goes tomorrow’s race 🙁

I couldn’t even walk 21k, let alone run ’em.

So yes, 2024, I am totally underwhelmed by you thus far.

Anyway, it is what it is, and so all that remains for me to say is “chuk de!” to everyone running tomorrow.

Have fun!

Run safely.

And I will start planning my 2025 comeback… 😛 😛

And yes – WHAT a waste of a smashing bib number 🙁

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