A combined family marathon

A combined family marathon

In October last year I went on a high altitude trek in Nepal, the Manaslu circuit, with a smashing lady whom I met for the first time in Kathmandu.

Despite having only just met, Sara and I shared rooms, chatted non-stop and she is one all-round lovely, lovely lady. After our successful trek, Sara headed home to sunny Chennai and me to New Delhi.

Fast forward to this morning when Sara sends me a series of photos which, when put together and totalled, show how she, her husband and their 2 teenage children ran a combined family marathon yesterday across continents and time zones.

Sara, Harsha and their daughter Fern all ran the Auroville 10k yesterday – a trail run.

Times are unimportant, and much as I love Sara, I have to give a shout out to young Fern who apparently stopped to pet dogs on the way, take photos and eat chocolates at the aid station…and (whispering) beat her dear Mum by 7 minutes 😛

Clearly one rockstar trail runner in the making.

First up, the Auroville runners :

Fern the dog-petter with her 10k finisher’s medal (above) and with the parentals (below):

Meanwhile, over in California, where son Arun is at university, he ran a 12.2 km 🙂

10 + 10 + 10 + 12.2 and voilà, a marathon.

The family that runs together etc etc.

And now, in the interests of record-keeping, I think this run actually puts the family into the ultra category!

I’ll explain.

Harsha is “not a runner but took it on as a challenge” (I’m quoting verbatim here) and so gamely ran his 10k.

Sara said she & Fern “walked back from the finish line and ran the last k again with Harsha, with Fern singing all his favourite songs for encouragement”. Now I’m no maths wizard but it looks to me as though the ladies added another 4k to the total and so, if you ascribe to the belief that anything over a marathon is an ultra…well, voilà Mark II, an ultra marathon 🙂 🙂

Super fun, my friend, congrats all round and thanks so much for sharing.

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