What did you see on your run today?  #483 stars SUNSHINE!!

What did you see on your run today? #483 stars SUNSHINE!!

Yes, yes I know I’m shouting and I know I’m using too many exclamation marks, but after the January & early February we’ve had here in north India, I am tempted to shout from the rooftops – there was sun today! Alleluia!

I celebrated by doing 2 v-e-r-y slow runs in my local Biodiversity Park, one this morning starting in overcast greyness, but including some sunny moments, and the second run after lunch when it was full on blue-sky-and-bright-sunshine-y 🙂

On both runs I probably looked demented, as I smiled gormlessly at the blue sky.

But after 35 days of utterly ghastly cold, grey, foggy weather, I was in heaven 🙂

Saw 2 jackals on both runs – different places, so counting them as different jackals.

A mongoose on each run.

Ga-zillions of peacocks dashing hither and thither.

And very excitingly this morning, I had a smashing sighting of a juvenile Black Shouldered Kite, that just sat there and calmly watched me watching him – from very close.

He was least bothered by me, and it was an all round great sighting.

Here is how I started out this morning…

Already it’s only a lightweight jacket and not last week’s double puffer jackets (though I was carrying a puffer jacket in my backpack, just in case…)

Then the sun appeared, oh joy…

And this afternoon – voilà!

Sunshine and blue skies = one very happy Christine 🙂

Crossing all possible fingers ‘n toes that the wretched winter is now gone!

And that the warmer weather is here to stay!

(More exclamation marks!)

I’ll sign off with my lovely kite from this morning:


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