Post Blue Monday blues

Post Blue Monday blues

Yesterday Monday 15th January was touted on social media as being Blue Monday.

Except, confusingly, I also read on social media that Blue Monday isn’t really A Real Thing so it wasn’t really a Blue Monday after all.

Whatever it was/wasn’t, here in Delhi where I live, yesterday was a freezing cold, polluted, foggy, downright “ugh” kinda day.

As is today, to be honest.

Cold, polluted, foggy and with a sneaky breeze, making it an all round “better-stay-at-home” day.

A right proper Blue Tuesday, if ever I saw one.

All of which ties into my overall mood of feeling just the teeniest bit sorry for myself, and since I have you, dear reader, as my captive audience, I shall now offload on you 😛

  1. In an ideal world Mark I, I would be out running, tapering for my marathon in Mumbai this coming Sunday, but since I have pulled out from said race + the weather is rubbish, I am sitting here not running.
  2. In an ideal world Mark II, I would be out running, training for my upcoming marathon in Delhi next month, but since I have pulled out from said race & switched to the half marathon + the weather is rubbish, I am sitting here not running.


Having set myself 2 reasonably ambitious goals ie 2 marathons in the space of a month, I have had to trim them both drastically, and 99% of the blame is mine. That’s actually the hard part, not having anyone or anything else to blame, except myself 😛

The brutal fact is that I have simply not trained adequately for not one but 2 marathons.

Even though “back in the day” I have run both races back-to-back for 4 consecutive years, this year ’twas not to be.

I cannot blame the awful weather here, because there are so many people out training in Delhi, despite the cold and pollution.

I cannot blame my age.

I just seem to have got myself into some kind of a running slump, and am not able to crank out the 30k/35k/37k training runs needed to tackle a marathon.

Simply put, I have not done the distance.

When I caught myself saying, rather despairingly “I HAVE to go for a run” and desperately trying to switch Christmas events and house guest commitments and wedding travels to fit in the run I “HAD” to do, I realised that it was high time to be sensible.

One should never think “I HAVE to go for a run” in a quasi-despairing tone of voice. Rather, it should always be a case of “yay, lucky me, I feel like going for a run.”

And so, rather than stress myself, I decided to trim my ambitions.

I only started running 10 years ago, when I turned 60, and have had a smashing decade of fun and learnings and progress.

The last few years haven’t been as good (running-wise) as the first few years, what with Covid and then having cancer, but I was determined to wrestle my “running life” back on track, which is why I decided to tackle 2 marathons this year.

2024 was going to be my comeback year.

Yeah right!

But things are not going according to plan, and bizarrely social media is both helping and not helping at the same time.

If a see another “I’m-tapering-for-Mumbai” post on Instagram, I might just scream. Serious FOMO.

And on the other hand Facebook has been showing me my finish-line photos for the 4 Mumbai marathons I have run and I look so damned happy and my posts are so damned proud and happy that subconsciously I know I’ve done the right thing by pulling out this year. Because right now I would NOT be feeling happy at the thought of those 42.195km in my current under-trained state.


Onwards and upwards.

Christine, time to get your arse into gear, and stop moping.

Pity party over and out 🙂 🙂


  1. Sending a hug! Don’t beat yourself up! And go for a run when you feel like it! No pressure, the rest will come.. & a smart move to pull out! You know the injuries if you had not….. so pat yourself on the back for being smart enough to realise! And another hug!! xxxx

    Niki Law
  2. We all lose our mojo (or as I like to call it my Mojas) sometime. You’ll be back on form soon.. I’m banking on it. You are an inspiration with or without your mojas. You got this.. fighting love and a big hug. #teamchristine!

    Mad Shenker

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