Where to run in Singapore : The Botanic Gardens

Where to run in Singapore : The Botanic Gardens

Last month, I swapped the cold & terrible pollution of Delhi in north India (where I live) for hot and humid and oh-so-clean Singapore.

And, obviously, I swapped my usual running route in my local Delhi Biodiversity Park for Singapore’s much more opulent Botanic Gardens.

The Botanic Gardens are truly fabulous and with easy access from my hotel – the route there and back through pristine early morning city streets – served as my warm up/cool down. The gardens are free. They are safe. And they come crammed full of sights and sounds and amazing plants (obviously!) and even the occasional monitor lizard.

Every morning I ran there, there were other runners, many people out walking, some folk doing tai chi, and it was all peaceful and courteous.

Highly recommended.

A few photos to tempt you, in case my prose didn’t!

A sweet man photographing this flower (below) called out to me to have a look as I trotted past – “This is a beauty” he told me 🙂

And last but not least…

…you have been duly warned about the monitors!

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