What did you see on your run today? #482 comes from Singapore

What did you see on your run today? #482 comes from Singapore

Hello, Happy New Year, and hope you are all well and happy and healthy.

In the interests of transparency, let me fess up right away – this post is not from today at all, but a couple of weeks ago, when I was in Singapore.

Right now I am in Delhi, where I live, and freezing my socks off…not that that has anything to do with what I saw on my run two weeks ago…which was THE most amazing open-air sculpture.

I have already written about this art installation in my review blog – here’s the link for you – but since “Love the Last March” was so smashing, I specifically ran there the next day, just to see it.

It wasn’t the most logical place for me to run, through streets, rather than the stunning Botanical Gardens (which I’ll write about in a future blog post), but I really wanted to have the art to myself, so I set out super early and mission accomplished!

Throughout empty but totally safe streets, down to the Marina Bay Sands, and there I was, wandering and exploring this amazing sculpture completely alone.

SUCH a treat.

Without re-hashing what I wrote in my review blog, this is the world’s biggest sculpture and features some of our most endangered species.

It is smashing and was well worth the run!

The gardens and the artworks are free, the route down through the city is safe and clean (as is the whole of this amazing little country) but given the popularity of this area, and the resultant crowds, it does make sense to head there as early as possible – it’s less steamy and hot, too, at dawn.

Happy running 🙂

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