Thinking about being healthy.  And also old.

Thinking about being healthy. And also old.

Today I had a zoom class with my lovely Delhi-based trainer, Vijay. I’m in Bangkok for a couple of weeks, hence the zooming, instead of our usual in-person classes, punctuated by interruptions from my daft dog, Leia.

While I was moaning and groaning my way through reverse lunges with rotation, despairing of just how damned stiff my spine felt, I got to thinking…as one does…

And my thinking went a little bit like this.

Objectively, I am reasonably fit and agile, even for my advanced age. (I am 70, and yes, how the heck did THAT happen?!)

Just a week ago, I got back from a high altitude trek in Nepal, and since arriving in Bangkok, I’ve walked/run every day and had 2 online classes with Vijay. I’ve also been swimming.

So, yup, I am definitely mobile and reasonably fit for my age…AND YET…I felt the effects of not having “exercised” with Vijay these past few weeks.

Different muscles were clearly used while climbing to 5106m, and they weren’t those used in reverse lunges :P

Just a few weeks of not “formally” training, & I could feel my lack of flexibility. How quickly things catch up with you.

And this train of thought led me back to a v-e-r-y old memory.

Back in the late ’70s & early ’80s, I had a French boyfriend, and every New Year’s Eve we would go to dinner with his best friend (name long since forgotten) at his parents’ home (names also forgotten).

And every year, on the stroke of midnight, the ex-boyfriend’s best friend’s parents’ best friends would telephone to wish everyone a happy new year.

(You ARE following me here, right?!!)

Every year, I would speak to these unknown & never ever seen people, and every year they would wish me “surtout la sant√©” (above all good health).

NOW can you see where this anecdote is going?!

At that age, my mid 20s, I remember thinking what a dull wish “good health” was.

Of course I was healthy.

I was young, right?!

Fast forward to today, when I realised for the nth time, that good health truly is a blessing. And the older we get, the greater a blessing it is.

So yes, although I was a wee bit bothered that my spine felt so stiff this morning, I am the first to acknowledge that feeling fit and healthy is SUCH a boon, and I have NO intention of letting things slip.

Instead of moaning and groaning, I shall instead throw myself into the challenge of getting back into shape and forging ahead with my latest goals.

Cue my standard hashtag #ageisjustanumber :)

It is.

But we have to keep working & moving to make it come true.


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