A follow-up confession to a confession

A follow-up confession to a confession

So…if you read my latest blog post, written after my less-than-stellar run in yesterday’s Delhi half-marathon, you’ll remember that I blamed myself for not having trained enough.

And then promptly tried to make you all feel sympathetic because of the terrible leg cramps I endured.

I ascribed the cramps to the humidity and was puzzled, given the fact that I drank loads of electrolytes before & during the race.

Fast forward to this morning, my legs still tight & aching, when I had a class with my lovely trainer, Vijay.

I explained what had gone wrong yesterday, but he immediately swept aside the electrolyte issue, telling me bluntly that the fault was all mine because I hadn’t trained enough.

He’s right, of course.

“And where did you do whatever running you did?” he asked oh-so-innocently.

“In the Biodiversity Park and Nehru Park” quoth I. (By way of explanation, the former is a dirt track in a forest, the latter a cushioned running track).

As Vijay rightly pointed out, I have done NO road running in months.


So my poor legs basically went into shock, after having to pound the streets for 21.097 km + the kilometre to get to the venue + the kilometre to get back to the car!


Yes, it was humid yesterday.

But the cramping was 99% my fault and 1% Delhi’s fault :P

And going forward?

What am I going to do about this parlous state of affairs? A state of affairs that sort of spoiled my enjoyment of the run, and slowed me down way too much.

I. Am. Going. To. Start. Running. Properly.

Less of the walk/walk/run/walk/walk combo, which has been my lazy modus operandi this summer.

More running.

More running.

More running.

That’s it, folks! Not exactly rocket science, is it?

Watch this space, as I go back to the drawing board.

I have exactly 3 months to get my A into G for the Mumbai marathon, so let the training begin!

Me setting off in the dark, totally unaware of what I was about to endure!

Smiling bravely through my cramps…aka, I spotted a photographer :P


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