Never too old to run a marathon

Never too old to run a marathon

I’m in my birthday week, and it’s A Big Birthday.

One that makes me shockingly old BUT (thinking positively) one that also puts me in a new age category in races – which is an aspect of ageing that I’ve only been acquainted with in the past decade since I started running 😛

I s’pose it’s only normal and in the nature of things, but there are markedly fewer runners in the older age categories – especially women – so I get super advantaged.

One of the blessings of growing old!

Anyway, since I AM old, and getting even older, I’m naturally drawn to stories of senior women doing fit ‘n fab things, and so this story of a 92 year old woman marathoner gives me hope 🙂

Meet Mathea Allansmith who, in December ran the Honolulu marathon and has just had this achievement recognised as a Guinness World Record.

Ms Allansmith ran the 42.195 km in 11 hours, 19 minutes and 49 seconds at the age of 92 years and 194 days.

Great stuff!

That works out to 16 minutes per kilometre which is a totally respectable walking pace and I say HATS OFF to her!

Note to self – if the good Lord above grants me another 2+ decades on the earth AND I can still run, I think I’ll try beating this record 🙂

AND I totally love the idea of a marathon that doesn’t have a cut off time, which is the case with the Honolulu marathon.

How nice.

You do the distance, you’re a marathoner, and the hell with all the “what was your finishing time?’ questions.

My cue to think positively, with an “onwards and upwards” mantra to a new decade!

PS – did I ever tell you all about the COMPLETE stranger I met the evening of the New Delhi Marathon a few years ago at a friend’s birthday?

On being introduced by our hostess, and informed that I’d just run a marathon earlier that day, he asked my finish time (told ya!) and then told me how slow my sub 5 hour marathon was…AND HE WASN’T EVEN A RUNNER, SO WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL?!

Honolulu here I come!


  1. Hi Christine
    I am reading and watching your every run and achievement you publish at my age 75 yrs and had a luck run with you at an event to do 10 kms ‍♂️
    If a guy does not understand a FM in sub 5 hrs brush them aside he may not be aware of the number of Kms in a FM or maybe he saw you as a young athlete with a better expectations Please keep achieving and posting to inspire us Many congratulations on your success and best wishes for coming events

    Poppinder Kumar

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