What’s on my running playlist? SIMPLY THE BEST

What’s on my running playlist? SIMPLY THE BEST

Where does one start?

Tina Turner, a global, adored icon is gone, and we are all, collectively, diminished by her death.

This amazing woman was a force of life, a fabulous singer and a woman who inspired millions of people.

Her beyond iconic song “Simply the best” has been on my playlist for years. In fact, it’s on all of my running playlists – because, dear reader, I have a 10k playlist, a HM playlist, and a marathon playlist, and Simply the Best makes the cut on all of them 🙂

I went for a very slow 7km run this morning, my first run in weeks – I was climbing in Nepal in Aril/May and before that had focused on walking and strength, worried that I might trip and fall while running on the uneven track in my local park…all of which is to say that today I speed-walked and ran in the park, with Tina Turner playing non-stop.

And I felt very sad, although grateful that her amazing voice lives on.

God speed, you wonderful woman.


  1. I have a Line Dance class on a Friday, and we started with the electric slide to Proud Mary.. at my request. It was a tough one, starting off very slow and then high speed dancing all around the room. The best part, some kids passing by started to video us, and then joined in! They were amazing!
    Tina Turner’s music infused my youth. Queen of Rock n Roll.

    Mad Shenker
      1. Christine so very emotional, especially when the kids joined in. Just shows how her music speaks to all generations ❤️ best class and most memorable ever. Perhaps the video will go viral and I’ll come across it.

        Mad Shenker

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