What’s on my running playlist? SIMPLY THE BEST

What’s on my running playlist? SIMPLY THE BEST

Where does one start?

Tina Turner, a global, adored icon is gone, and we are all, collectively, diminished by her death.

This amazing woman was a force of life, a fabulous singer and a woman who inspired millions of people.

Her beyond iconic song “Simply the best” has been on my playlist for years. In fact, it’s on all of my running playlists – because, dear reader, I have a 10k playlist, a HM playlist, and a marathon playlist, and Simply the Best makes the cut on all of them 🙂

I went for a very slow 7km run this morning, my first run in weeks – I was climbing in Nepal in Aril/May and before that had focused on walking and strength, worried that I might trip and fall while running on the uneven track in my local park…all of which is to say that today I speed-walked and ran in the park, with Tina Turner playing non-stop.

And I felt very sad, although grateful that her amazing voice lives on.

God speed, you wonderful woman.

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