Really Nike? Really?!

Really Nike? Really?!

Have you seen the latest ad for Nike women’s clothes? Specifically for a sports bra and leggings?

It features a trans influencer called Dylan Mulvaney, who is still biologically male.

Here, please watch the clip (below) if you haven’t already seen it…

I have decided, after a lot of private fulmination and foul language, that I am NOT going to wade into the whole trans debate.
It is too much of a minefield.

I have my views.
I am not of the current generation, I’ll freely admit, but what I will say is that as a woman having had to fight for so many of my rights over the decades, to see the women’s space being freely ceded to men REALLY, REALLY PISSES ME OFF.

There. Said it.

I grew up fighting against the bloody patriarchy.

Women can’t do this.

Women can’t do that.

Women must do this.

Women mustn’t do that.

So to see this kind of woke-ness gets my baby boomer temper all riled up.

Whether or not this kind of stunt will appeal to the younger demographic for Nike sports bras, God alone knows.

All I know is, from my old lady perspective, is that I will NEVER buy a Nike product again.


Doubt Nike gives a toss about one old lady not buying her running gear from them, but it is what it is.

And shall I tell you what REALLY, REALLY irritates me about this ad?

That is it so bloody stupid.

What is that nonsensical prancing around?

Is this what Dylan Mulvaney thinks women actually do?

After decades of fighting for our rights, women damn well deserve better than this patronising, offensive crap.


  1. Well said Christine!! I’m not a runner or athlete of any kind but to see women’s sport reduced to a bit of badly performed arm waving and kicks is insulting to those who do take sport seriously and excel at it. Or maybe the message is ‘only buy this bra if you like to flail your arms and legs like an idiot’?

    Penny Winter
  2. If you take issue with the ad because of the content or the acting that’s one thing, but I’m disappointed to see your objection to the choice of model on the grounds of their gender, especially in the same post where you then mention the barriers that you faced due to yours.

    Andrew L
  3. I don’t get why these US companies are thinking Dylan Mulvaney should be their ambassador, like not only Nike but Bud Light and Tampax? Dylan obviously has no use for Tampax or a bra of any sort, the prancing around and bizarre “girlhood” he indulges in seems performative.

  4. You said it. And you said right. 2023 and we women are still second rate citizens, not allowed to have control over our bodies—from genital mutilation to being denied abortion rights. We have had to fight for education, for our right to vote, our right to work—even participate in a marathon… and then suddenly men who identity themselves as women come along.
    And for Nike to pull this woke marketing stunt!

    Kathakoli Dasgupta
  5. Yikes!!!! Sucks that Nike has stooped to this level of marketing and garnering attention had always loved their ads cos they really struck a chord with me in the past but this is absolutely appaling stuff. Talk abt diluting their brand – they’ve really shot themselves in the foot with this one

    Tania Kumar
  6. What an appalling video. This person is presumably wearing a jock-strap as well as the totally empty sports bra, and is prancing around in a parody of how men think women move. Can’t say I’ve been a big buyer of Nike products but I certainly wouldn’t after seeing this.

    Charlotte ter Haar
  7. Hadn’t seen the ad earlier but now having seen it… I totally understand the feeling. Not sure what they are trying to convey but they have got it all mixed up and wrong. And it’s not just the gender!

    Adita Bhaskar
  8. Follow the money – a few lost sales means nothing when compared to be being downrated on an equality index and having Blackrock vote against your executive pay package.

    Liz JS

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