What did you see on your run today? #480 stars Humpty Dumpty

What did you see on your run today? #480 stars Humpty Dumpty

My Shanghai-based running pal Tina Kanagaratnam comes up trumps today – as she does every time she shares her running photos, to be honest.

As befits a lady who leads guided historic and cultural walks around Shanghai, Tina has a great eye for detail.

So, what did this morning’s run produce, in the way of insights into one of China’s most fascinating cities?

First up, Humpty Dumpty :

By the way, the commentary is all Tina’s, and here are her remarks on the photo above – Humpy Dumpty welcomes the sun (seriously L’Oreal?!)

Note to self: 100% agree, and remain baffled as to why a chic brand like L’Oreal would want an inflatable Humpty Dumpty!

“Morning flower delivery”

Tina calls this smashing image “Serenading, stylish Shanghai granny” and I have to agree. I remember the dancing grannies with great delight, but this gal is decidedly stylish. When I used to run in Shanghai, these wonderful dancing grannies with their boom boxes would often invite me to join them.

This final image is interesting. I’ll let Tina explain.

“The return of the protest man (protesting the forced removal of families in the block behind him, on Wulumuqi/Changle)”

Fascinating, since I thought protests were pretty much not allowed in China.

Once again, thanks my cyber-friend, for sharing your Shanghai morning with us.

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