What did you see on your run today? #478 features Delhi street art

What did you see on your run today? #478 features Delhi street art

Yesterday, on a stunning spring morning, I went for a nice ‘n slow walk/run around central Delhi, and boy oh boy was the city looking stunning.

Absolutely gorgeous.

I’m still taking my running very slowly, trying to minimise any impact on my eye (I had a retinal haemorrhage, for those who don’t know 😛 )

So I trotted slowly round and round the Lodhi Art District and the streets around the Lodhi Gardens with my running partner-in-crime Ripu, and a jolly fine time was had.

We met lots of friends, and stopped to chat, and petted dogs, and talked away 19 to the dozen (as per usual) – all in all it was one super relaxed vibe.

I met a lovely man feeding stray cats and dogs, little packets of food lined up neatly in his van.

Like so:

Even though Ripu and I have explored the Lodhi Art District many times, there are always new murals to be discovered. Some of the time I suspect it’s because I have forgotten and Ripu patiently reminds me that no, this is not a new mural, and yes we’ve seen it before, and I accept the reality of fading old age memory 😛 but yesterday – hey there were BRAND new wall paintings, which was fun 🙂

There were even 2 young women wearing Panama hats (as one does) and posing away…so they MUST have been new paintings, right?! #doingitforthegram

So, without further ado, here are some new wall paintings from one of Delhi’s nicest colonies :

We were a bit puzzled by this mural (below) of Dr. Ambedkar, a Dalit icon in India – it has to be unfinished right?

I’m sure it’s only just the early stages…

This one (below) is very jolly, and I love the roller-skating parrot!

There was quite a lot of work taking place in the quiet streets of the Lodge Art District – looked like pipes being laid – and some murals are in dire need of revamping, while some look as though they have been touched up.

Let’s hope that India’s G20 chairmanship this year will lead to good things for our city 🙂

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