A gratitude post

A gratitude post

Hello from one very, very, VERY happy woman.

After scaring myself silly with a retinal haemorrhage just before Christmas, I was told by the retina specialist I consulted that there was to be no running and no weight lifting for weeks, if not months.

Cue much weeping and wailing.

Cancellation of 2 marathons.

More weeping and wailing.

BUT I followed doctor’s orders.

Didn’t run, only walked, as allowed.

Didn’t lift weights. No explosive exercises.

Put the eye drops.

Ate the Vitamin C tabs.

And yesterday I was told that I am good to go – I can run and lift weights again :) :) In moderation, and slowly to start with, and with the caveat that if I experience ANY of the symptoms I did in December, it’s back to the doc, ek dum jaldi.

So, today, I took myself off to the park and did a few slow gorgeous bouts of running, interspersed with lots of walking, and I know I had a silly grin on my face all the time.

Hopefully I’ll start weights again with my trainer on Friday, and my happiness will be complete :)

I would NEVER wish ill-health or injury on anyone, truly I wouldn’t, but there is an amazing feeling of happiness and gratitude when you bounce back from a set back.

One short run and I am a new person.


  1. Great to hear keep on running,I’m down to fast strolls with my dog but we do it rain or shine and enjoy it except when it’s snowing and cold then it’s a challenge getting her out the door lol

    Maureen Anderson

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