What did you see on your run today? #474 features bouncy castles!  Really!

What did you see on your run today? #474 features bouncy castles! Really!

My lovely cyber-friend Myriam – whom I have yet to meet in person – sent me a series of fun photos and a lovely write up of her latest run in Belgium, where she lives.

It looks a little like Holi, here in india

And there really were bouncy castles :) :)

Here, let Myriam tell you about it:

At the beginning of September I ran the colour obstacle rush/run with my daughters. It was a really sunny day. (Not raining like today; it’s raining cats and dogs at the moment. OMG, I love this expression. 😃)

The Colour Obstacle run is not really a run, it’s more fun than run.

You have to do 5 km and on the way there are obstacles and color-throwing-people.

The obstacles are bouncy castles in all forms.

I’m not so good in jumping up and down in such bouncy castles, so now and then my girls had to straighten me up. Very funny indeed.

Maybe it’s not for old people. 😃

Between 2 obstacles you are supposed to run but most of the competitors are walking, really, it’s heavy to jump and fall in a bouncy castle. 

I must say we had a lot of fun. 

When you finally reach the finish line, you are full of color. It must be said that the product is biological and no harm for nature, animals or ourself. It’s a kind of sand, I suppose. 

We had a blast of colour.

Love and greetings from Belgium.

Myriam, this is such a happy post, and I LOVE the idea of your daughters straightening you up on the bouncy castles :) :P

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