What did I see on my run today?

What did I see on my run today?

I’m going to answer my own question with an almost-flippant counter-question…as in “What did I NOT see on my run today?”

I am in Bangkok, by the way, and set off to do my scheduled training-plan 10km early this morning, before it got too hot and humid.

PLUS I wanted to be back in the condo by 8am, since it was the annual merit-giving ceremony for the building, when Buddhist monks visit and pray and bless the premises.


I reckoned without my Sunday morning compulsion to call into every church and every “wat” (Buddhist temple) on my route. To be fair there was only one church and one chapel, but there were wats galore, and even so I reluctantly had to skip loads of them, and I only j-u-s-t managed to jump on the ferry to make it back in time for the merit-giving ceremony, which is why I ended up only doing 8 out of my 10 km…Do you reckon my coach will accept this explanation for not following orders? 😛

I trotted slowly along reasonably empty early morning streets, though there were loads of food stalls already up and running at about 6.30. Hypothetical question – do Thais ever not eat??!!

I stopped by and visited a church, then a Chinese temple, a Buddhist wat, another wat, an old Christian cemetery with a little chapel, another wat…and then I had to sprint to catch the ferry.

Such fun, and since I offered up a quick prayer at each stop, I’m hoping that my running form will definitely improve over the coming weeks, as a result of this morning’s religious blitzing 🙂

Unbelievably slow.

And unbelievably fun.

See what I mean? Sunday morning just seems the perfect time to call in and pray as I ran.

The Watch (which is a bit judgey, in my opinion) seemed reasonably satisfied for a change:

I chart The Watch’s comments on my running Instagram feed, by the way

Skipping the last 2 km (sorry Coach) by taking the ferry back:

But I did make it back in time for the merit-giving ceremony, so I reckon church + wat + temple + merit-giving should see me though, right?!


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