Running the Everest Marathon…with a tiger

Running the Everest Marathon…with a tiger

A model of a tiger, dear reader.

A model, not the real McCoy – so yes, please feel free to pause for a second, breathe in, and continue…which is probably what Paul Goldstein kept telling himself to do, as he ran the world’s highest marathon with a model tiger on his back 😛

Some people truly are amazing.

To run the Everest marathon is already an epic feat, but to do so carrying a tiger on your back to raise funds is – well – a whole new level of epic-ness!

Here, take a look at this 59 year old Brit in action just 3 days ago, on 29th May:

That model looks fairly heavy, no?

Why does Mr. Goldstein, an accomplished wildlife photographer, do this?

…the photographer has long been involved in raising funds for tiger conservation. He has raised over £200,000 for Bengal tigers under his Worth More Alive campaign. He aims to raise another £200,000 for his initiative till the end of May. According to his website, the money raised through the event will be used for “rebuilding and equipping of two schools on the boundaries of the National Park famous for its tiger population and modifying of wooden cattle sheds and wood burning cook stoves to conserve the tiger habitat by reducing forest clearing.”

Mr. Goldstein has been campaigning to protect tigers for years, raising money to protect them on the basis that they are, as the name of his campaign says “worth more alive,” than being killed for their body parts.

“Is this the most challenging I have ever done? Yes.

Do people look at me with the look— ‘what on earth are you doing at your age?’ Yes, they do.

Does it matter? Yes, because not far over the border tigers are still being butchered. They are still being harvested.”

The world needs more people like this intrepid man, people who believe in a cause and work towards it, no matter the effort.

Hats off to him, and here’s to many more marathons, Mr. Goldstein.

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