When a run goes pear-shaped

When a run goes pear-shaped

…as mine did this morning.

Totally pear-shaped.

As in planning to run 40k, but calling it quits at 11k.

If that’s not pear-shaped, God knows what is.

Even though I hate the cold, Delhi’s abrupt transition from chilly 2 weeks ago to 40C is absolutely brutal. So the only solution is to get up and run before dawn.

Didn’t quite make my 4.30am target this morning, but I was trotting slowly round the park by before sunrise.

For the first hour the weather was fine, a balmy 24C, but once the sun came out it was hot with a capital H.

All of a sudden I started to feel queasy, and despite meeting so many friends this morning (including a South African friend last seen in 2005!!) I reluctantly decided to stop.

And that was that.

Super-irritating, but my body was clearly telling me something – dehydrated, hungry, too much sun, not enough sleep last night – who knows?

There are any number of memes online cheerfully telling you that ‘there is no such thing as a bad run’ and/or ‘any run is better than no run’ yadda yadda yadda.

I get it (sort of) but today’s pathetic attempt had me worried. If I’m feeling all weak and feeble in March, the outlook for the summer looks a bit bleak 🙁

Ah well. Onwards and upwards, and all that kind of stuff.

And just in case anyone needs reminding – stay hydrated in this brutal heat and don’t over-exert…understatement of the day, right? 😛

But at least the flowers were lovely 🙂


  1. Was so good to see you yesterday! Yeah the weather has shot up like a rocket just when I’m starting to get a bit more regular:) I’m mostly at np so see you there soon!

    Surbhi Bahl

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