What did you see on your run today? #465 features an exciting trail run

What did you see on your run today? #465 features an exciting trail run

Chetan Sehgal, friend, marathoner, and part of the core team at one of India’s toughest races, La Ultra, was out trail running in the countryside just outside Delhi this morning.

Will you just have a dekko at his photos…

I mean, seriously, does this look like the outskirts of a big city??
How lovely!

I asked Chetan where he had been trail running and he replied “it was a 25 km circuit starting from Mangar-Douj area towards Damdama lake. Has about 1000 ft. of ascent. Took about 3 hrs and 12 mins to complete it.’

And there was I this morning, slowly trotting round Nehru Park, surrounded by Sunday picnic-ers…this place looks w-a-y more appealing!

PLUS, according to Chetan, they had “great wildlife sightings. Wild hare, monitor lizard, blue bull, signs of leopard kills.”

My stray dogs in Nehru Park may well have been very cute, but they are most definitely a poor second to a monitor lizard!

Thanks SO much, Chetan, for sharing these super photos which are a world away from the big city – literally and metaphorically.

Of course, having seen how super this trail looks AND heard about your wildlife sightings, you are now gonna have to take me along on your next run there! 😛

You have been warned!

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