What’s on your running playlist? “Legends never die”

What’s on your running playlist? “Legends never die”

I’d told you the other day that my cyber-running-pal Susan John had a great playlist, so good and so very eclectic that it merited separate posts, rather than all being squashed together.

Yesterday’s song was “Runnin'”.

Today it’s the almost-equally-awesome “Legends never die” by Against the Current.

I love this song, but (being honest) it is currently in 2nd place, after Runnin’ which I’ve been playing all day 🙂

The lyrics are, however, undeniably stirring.

Like so:

“Pick yourself up once more
Pick yourself up, ’cause

Legends never die”

That’s almost like an anthem for every injured runner, right?!

Susan, thanks so much for yet another great song, and watch this space…more music tomorrow.

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