What did you see on your run today? #464  comes from beautiful Goa

What did you see on your run today? #464 comes from beautiful Goa

It’s Boxing day today, and so the Christmas spirit is still very much on show, right?

Meaning I must be good and charitable and kind and empathetic, right?


Indeed I must.

So when my cyber-friend Saurabh sends me utterly envy-making, I mean lovely, photos of his runs in Goa, it behoves me to react nicely, right?

I mean, who doesn’t want to see pictures of gorgeous, dappled, sunlit lanes when they are sitting shivering in grey, polluted Delhi?

Saurabh, my friend, jealousy aside, I mean joking aside, thanks SO much for your smashing photos. Truly!

2 days ago, Saurabh had shared some photos on our running group chat, from his first holiday run on the beach in Goa, and let me be honest, it was difficult to sympathise about the difficulty of running on sand, while cowering indoors against the Delhi cold 😛

I tried to feel your pain, my friend, but failed totally!! (Yeah, you’re right, I’ve definitely gotta work more on empathy in 2022)

Enough of my chuntering on.

Now we must let the dear man speak for himself:

“I have been to Goa many times over last two decades, however, this time felt different from the time I finalised the trip, simply because I was into running now and had planned my runs on the beach as one of the main highlights of the stay!

Therefore, first morning of my vacation, I was out at the beach for my run and as much as I enjoyed the beauty of the sea and sounds of the wave as I went through the paces, I also realised that running on sand is not a very easy thing and it requires extra effort to just maintain  the same performance as one does on the roads.

So, the next morning, I decided to be back on the road for my run and I am glad that I did because I ended up realising that there are so many hidden gems which you discover when you explore the place on your feet and early in the morning before hustle & bustle of the town sets in.

Though it was just a 5 mile run, it was super energising and has ensured that I am going for a much longer run on Sunday !”

Isn’t this magical?

Saurabh, seriously, you are inspiring. I’ve seen your speed on these runs – a cool HM this morning – and I am full of admiration.

Thanks for sharing these smashing photos, and please go out and explore more of Goa for us. I’m enjoying your holiday vicariously!

#keepinspiring #keeprunning

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