What’s on your running playlist? “Runnin’ from Assassin’s Creed”

What’s on your running playlist? “Runnin’ from Assassin’s Creed”

Yesterday, if you remember, we Q&A-ed with Susan John, a cyber-running friend, and I commented at the time that she had such an awesome running playlist that I’d do a separate blog post about it.

Turns out her list is so great that there will be actually a few posts to come, featuring her choices.

Let’s kick off with – and I quote from her answer – “Runnin’ by Assasin’s Creed”.

Now I didn’t want to show my ignorance last night, but I kinda thought Assassin’s Creed was a video game.

Turn’s out I’m right.

But who knew there was such AMAZING music along with video games?

(Hey! Don’t judge me too harshly, folks. Remember, ’tis the Xmas season, when you’re supposed to be nice to folks, remember?!)

I may well be the last person on planet earth to discover this great song (actually, I know full well that my husband won’t have heard of it either 😛 😛 ) but OMG OMG OMG, my Boxing Day morning is made!!

I have not only discovered a BRILLIANT song to add to my own playlist (thanks Susan 🙂 ) but I have, of course, gone down the rabbit hole of internet searches 😛

Assassin’s Creed -> -> -> a eureka moment of “Oh-gosh-no-how-could-I-be-so-stupid-of-course-this-is-Adam-Lambert-wasn’t-he-the-guy-who-yes-it’s-him… ” and off down another rabbit hole I went.

Long story short.

Susan, thanks a ton!

Here is the brilliant, super stirring song:

And more music tomorrow!

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