Why do you run? “It’s just so part of me…”

Why do you run? “It’s just so part of me…”

Today we are Q&A-ing with Divya Kapoor, who you might remember, just a few days ago, shared some lovely photos from her runs along the banks of the Narmada.

Her answers to the questions put to her are amazing, and I loved reading them 🙂

Q) Why do you run?

A) I run to be with myself, to rekindle the little spark inside me, to introspect, to meditate, to plan my day, to get back to life again, to be confident, to wean off stress, to find little joys, to explore nature, to stay fit…blah..blah..blah and I have an endless list of why do I run and still I don’t need any reason to go for a run. It’s just so part of me that’s it.  

Q) When did you start running?

A) I started running in 2017, when I was walking deep into darkness, slowly stepping towards getting into depression. Inspite of having a very supportive, happy family  and good carrier, there was something which kept me knocking off my track. I tried yoga, Zumba and other fitness activities before I found my enlightment in Running and since then there is no looking back.

Q) Morning/evening runner?

A) Morning runner.

Q) With or without music?

A) I love my runs with and without music both. It depends on location and mood.  

I always ask a supplementary question about music, namely “If you run with music, then share a favourite song, please.  And I’ll feature that, too!”

Here are Divya’s faves – “Khalbali and Roobaroo from Rang-de-Basanti and Ziddi dil Mary Kom. After that I can listen from Kumar Sanu to Jagjit Singh on my Runs.”

Q) Next running goal?

A) 100km and 12 hr Run

Wowsa! From novice to 100km in 4 years is amazing, my friend and I can’t wait to see you accomplish your goals – which I have no doubt you will do!

Talk about an ad for the joy of running 🙂

I’m sharing here the song “Ziddi dil” which I like a lot. For non-Hindi speakers the title means “the heart is stubborn” & it really is an anthem to young people, especially, young women urging them to pursue their dreams.

I love Mary Kom and if I have one gripe about this film it is why Priyanka Chopra? (Yeah, I know, I know, Bollywood name etc etc) but I would SO much have preferred a girl from India’s wonderful north-east to play her, preferably a Manipuri. But that’s just me.

The song is smashing, though 🙂

Divya, thanks so much for such amazing answers & #keeprunning #keepinspiring

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