Why do you run? “It helps me run away… from all things junk”

Why do you run? “It helps me run away… from all things junk”

Today we are Q&A-ing with yet another of my cyber running pals, Gursimran Kaur.

Since we are both Delhi based, and train not only with the same running coach but also the same fitness coach (as it so happens) in the old normal, we’d’ve met up.

But in this wretched “new normal” we stay safe and cyber-chat – though Simran has sweetly sent me her home made laddus, which was really kind, especially to a cyber pal 🙂

A quick aside, before we get down to the Q&A, here’s hoping 2022 brings us all a way out of this awful Covid mess…

And now over to the gal herself, answering my questions and making me smile with some of her answers 🙂

Q) Why do you run? 
A) Running is simple, it helps me run away from endless number of things be it health issues, my anxieties, people (I have my phases), strays, basically all things junk.

Q) When did you start running?
A) Running away has been a constant part of adult life but running as a formal exercise started in 2019.

Q) Morning/evening runner?
A) Depends on how well I have slept and recovered. I love mornings though.

Q) With or without music?
A) Always without music because I sing and run to my own music in my head.

Q) Next running goal?
A) I do not have long term running goals as of now. Just to be able to wake up another morning and run is what I look forward to. Just waiting to explore where my baby steps take me. 

Right, m’dear…I love your answers, but am puzzled by the reference to strays. You don’t like dogs? Or just strays?

Your remark about running away from people made me smile, I must say!

You go, my friend, running along to the music in your own head 🙂

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  1. I noticed the mention of strays and the phrase post that
    Sorry with all my love to the fur babies
    But not to the fur babies who attack me for no reason at times( we shall soon work that out and try to befriend each other)
    thank you Christine for bringing it to my notice

    Gursimran Kaur

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