What did you see on your run today? #463 stars an ultra-runner

What did you see on your run today? #463 stars an ultra-runner

This morning I headed off to run in Nehru Park, trotting slowly round as is my wont

Suddenly I recognise 2 people approaching on the track – the brother & sister duo of Saurabh & Prachi Garg, last seen…well…in those far-off 2 year old BC days (before Covid, obvs). We used to be in the same running group, before it folded.

They sweetly turned round to walk and slowly run with me, as we caught up on 2 years.

Then Saurabh calmly announced that he was now at kilometre 46 of the 50 he was running that morning.


He was running 50km to commemorate the fact that today marks the 50th anniversary of the end of the Bangladesh War of Liberation, a war won with India’s help.


He calmly told me that they had already had 2 breakfast stops, and that he was taking this run easy, because he hasn’t run longer than 21km in months.

Wow Mark II!

Here are his stats:

In his own words…”It was one of my slowest runs. This includes two breakfasts and visits to washrooms. I don’t pause my watch.” 😛 🙂

Very impressive, my friend.

The idea of doing a solo, self-supported 50km run, without any fanfare whatsoever, on a chilly mid-week morning…well, let’s just say I’m super impressed, Saurabh!

And I tell ya, the 2.5km round of the park we all did together went by SO quickly, as we chatted away.

Makes me realise how much I miss running with friends.


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