What did you see on your run today? #454 comes from the cool hills of Uttarakhand

What did you see on your run today? #454 comes from the cool hills of Uttarakhand

Sitting sweltering in Delhi’s heatwave, I was green with envy at the thought of my friend Neeraj running in the cool hills of Uttarakhand.

Neeraj and I used to run together…no…let me rephrase that…

…Neeraj and I used to be part of the same running group (this was back in the day, before our ASICS running group fell apart at the seams).

Neeraj was possibly THE fastest runner in our group and I was possibly THE slowest runner in our group, so in all honesty I can’t say “we used to run together” 😛 :P.

Let’s just say we used to be in the same running group, and were mates, and I am in awe of his speed.

Neeraj has guest-blogged for us here before in a Q&A session and he also wrote a guest piece about the 2018 Ladakh Marathon that we both ran. (He was VERY fast and I was VERY slow…you see a pattern emerging here, right?!!)

Currently Neeraj is in his UK (the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand) as opposed to my UK :).

Here’s the maestro in his own words along with some lovely photos:

“Mountains always fascinate me and I don’t want to miss this short trip to UK (my Uttarakhand 😜).

I always look forward to running in my native mountains as it’s pollution-free, 20-25C temperature and up & down trails is a perfect place for every runner.

Although I started with a little walk up the trail, when I gained some breath I managed to complete a good run😅.

During today’s outing I met a few villagers and visited the small holy hill temple🙏.

I wanted to run more and cover a good distance, but I was alone and the forest around is scary with wild animals, as a few days back a bear attacked a villager as well.

I hope to visit again soon for a longer period and do a bigger run.”

Did you see the casual mention of “a bear attacked a villager”?!! I checked with Neeraj, who told me that “yes, there are lots of wild animals around like pigs, bear, deer and even tigers as well.”

Jeepers creepers!

Stay safe, my friend.

Please be careful and enjoy those stunning views in safety:


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