What did you see on your run today? #453 is from monsoon-y Goa

What did you see on your run today? #453 is from monsoon-y Goa

If I tell you that this is the 3rd guest post in a row from my mate Mukul Oberoi, kindly do NOT shout “favouritism”!!!

All you have to do is run like him and take smashing photos like him, send them to me, and then we’re A for away 🙂 🙂

I TOLD you Mukul takes super photos, didn’t I?

Seriously, Mukul is staking such FAB photos during his runs in Goa these days that I just have to share them with you all.

And favouritism be damned!

This latest post is cute, because he describes how the stunning monsoon skies made him dash off for a run – without bothering to tell his family 😛

Here’s the man himself, in his own inimitable words:

Life as such is full of questions and answers too and mostly way more answers than questions.

So the question for today was, Why do you run?

And like I mentioned earlier, there are way more answers to this simple question.

Yesterday was not my designated run day as I had run the day before and I am consciously trying to slowly increase my mileage as I work my way back up after a long gap.

At about 7 pm as I went out to drop my garbage to the garbage area, I looked up to the sky and saw this amazing pink sky, I quickly dropped off the garbage and ran back home, strapped on my sandals (no time for shoes) outside my door and ran back out. I knew I had to run, albeit for a short while, the sky was putting on a show for me, it was calling me and I had to go.

I ran out of the complex, took a right towards the beach and then the 300 meters straight road to the beach. All this while my eyes fixed on the stage of the sky.

With every few steps the colors changed, the pinks turned orangish and then shades of blues like one sees under the microscope in the chemistry lab.

I was on the beach and ran along the water, admiring the colour of the sky mixing with the water of the sea, the waves seemed to be playing with the colours and trying to paint its own picture.

In 20 mins the show was over and I slowly made my way back home.

That was why I ran yesterday.

PS: as I reached my door I realised my wife and daughter didn’t know where I was as I forgot to tell them I was …running away.

The rest of the evening was quiet as you might imagine.

Poor you, Mukul, and I really hope that you’re no longer in the dog house!

We need you to #keeprunning and #keepinspiring.

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