What did you see on your run today? #452 comes from Goa

What did you see on your run today? #452 comes from Goa


“WHAT??” do I hear you exclaim, “Not ANOTHER post from your mate Mukul, who is swanning around Goa, while we urban types WILT in the heat?”

Well, yes, actually.

Sorry ‘n all, but my friend Mukul is indeed our guest blogger for the second time in as many days, and yes, he is irritating the heck out of us with his stunning Goa running photos 🙂 😛 😛

Like so…

Cribbing aside, Mukul is a thoughtful runner, which makes his musings an absolute joy to read.

Here are his latest thoughts on running in Goa.

Take it away, Maestro 🙂


Depending on who you pose this question to, there would be a range of answers one is likely to receive.

A runner will likely answer, tempo, interval, long run, hill etc…others may have answers such as Slow run, fast run or a Jog. 

For the space I am in right now I have broadly started classifying my runs into 2 types, a RUN run and a FUN run.

A RUN run for me is where I run as per a plan with targets of distance and time and these usually are part of a larger training plan.

The FUN run is where there is no plan, no time, no distance, where I head out with myself. I stop where I feel like, stand and stare at what might catch my fancy, take pictures, take any route that calls out to me, hum a song through the Run.

With no events/races planned most of my runs now are the FUN run and the more I do them the more I am somewhere glad to not have a race signed up for…anyone else feel the same? 

(Editor: yup!)

Last evening as I exited my housing complex gate for a FUN run I didn’t turn right to the beach, but took a left.

This left takes you away from the closest beach but like all roads in Goa will take you to some other beach. I took the road towards Cavelossim beach, passing through fields of freshly sown paddy, a gallery of the Iconic Mario, beautiful chapels and churches, eateries that were closed due to the lockdown yet looked inviting, long stretches of no humans, no cars, just trees and water bodies and then the occasional family sitting outside their house enjoying the evening their gaze on you and a smile if you look their way.

As I reached closer to the beach it started to rain and that broke my trance state and I decided to head back. The rain stopped soon and as I once again reached the paddy field stretch the sun was preparing its last mile of the day and was putting on a show.

I stopped for a few secs to soak it in, click a pic and then make my way back home in a mix of sweat and rain and most importantly feeling joyous and alive. Cheers to FUN runs and more.”

Isn’t this a lovely post?

As a fun runner myself, recovering from sickness and injury, I empathise totally with Mukul. I’m actually very relieved that there are no races on the calendar at the moment, meaning I can run guilt-free, as it were.

Mukul, my friend, even though we all secretly hate you, for all these luscious beach photos, please don’t stop!

#keeprunning #keepinspiring


  1. Mukul with his goa run photos is definitely matching your early morning coffee in the hills photos Christine. We need more of them to plant them inside our heads as we run within our residential complexes and tall buildings all around us.

    Ravi Vyas

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