“Women better in the long run”

“Women better in the long run”

…was the unexpected headline of an article I read in my paper this morning 🙂

Just take a look at this, won’t you?

Front page news in the Hindustan Times, no less. And yes, obviously I read this article with a whole lot more enthusiasm than the usual political stuff.

As a runner, as a woman (& as a runner harbouring ultra dreams) this study made for encouraging reading…except for one teensy weensy detail…namely that I am not eyeing such stupendous distances as 195 miles.

Because that is 313.822 km.

And I cannot even get my head around a distance like that, even with all my love for/interest in my friend & mentor Doc Chauhan’s La Ultra.

Doc’s high altitude race is run over distances of 111km, 222km, 333 km and – gasp – 555km. And at extreme Himalayan altitude, to boot.

Rajat is quoted in the article, as it happens.

But yes, back to the front page news which, as far as I’m concerned, is nothing but a good news story for women and for women’s running.

It gives hope, and I’m sure will spur a number of women to try their hand at ultra running.

There seems little point in rehashing the articles, so I am sharing below links to the 2 most important articles on the subject.


And this from early 2020:


Onwards & upwards, ladies!


  1. Yikes, 195 miles! I struggle to DRIVE that far in one go, never mind run it. Let me know when you decide to attempt an ultra. I will watch with awe and fascination, and not a little jealousy!

    Anne Marie Phillips

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