Beware the Ides of March

Beware the Ides of March

Funnily enough, I did (and also, paradoxically, did not) beware the Ides a year ago today, when I went to run in Delhi’s Lodhi Gardens.

I had arranged to meet one of my good running mates, Ripu Daman, for a run – something we had done dozens of times before, and always without a care in the world.

Ripu and I are very mismatched runners.

He’s young. And fit. And a fast runner.

I’m not. And not. And not.

But we had got into a comfortable routine of running together, each at our own pace, usually combining it with some sightseeing, exploring a different area of the city.

We’d run, chat, stop to visit a new temple/mosque/church/park, run some more, chat some more. And then usually eat.

But a year ago today, everything changed.

Covid was already making its dreadful presence felt.

Despite both of us having stayed home pretty much, we agreed afterwards that it had perhaps been a little foolish to meet and run.

And so that was that.

The flowers were stunning that day…

Today marks a whole year since I met another runner.

Now I run alone, day after day, in my local park.

Today marks a year since I left my ‘hood for a run.

Now I stick close to home, avoiding travel and all unnecessary contact.

I am fully aware that on a scale of the epic awfulness that the past year has thrown at us all, solo running doesn’t even count.

Does. Not. Count.

I am also aware that I am lucky enough to be able to head out and run (please God that freedom continues here in India).

I’m also super lucky to have a small biodiversity park in my colony, so yes – I’m lucky.

But…a whole year…

Back to those Ides.

I did heed their warning this day last year, in deciding not to run with other people any more.

But I don’t think I fully heeded their warning…I didn’t for a moment expect, a year later, that this virus would still be around and potentially re-gathering strength.

Increasingly, I see pictures on social media of running friends meeting and running together and I do worry.

I worry about their safety.

I worry whether I am worrying too much.

Those damned Ides!

Stay safe, friends.

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  1. I worry about them too. Running in a group and huddling up for a picture.
    I worry about all those 100,000 idiots sitting cheek to jowl in the stadiums of Ahmedabad and Raipur watching two simultaneous T20 tourneys.
    (There is a third one playing in Lucknow, for the Women’s Team, and there the spectators are definitely distancing themselves…….

    Sanjeev Chhabra

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