Why do you run? “To enjoy me time”

Why do you run? “To enjoy me time”

The latest runner we are Q&A-ing with is one of my online running friends, Dr. Arvinder Kaur.

We are part of the same training programme with Dr. Chauhan, but thanks to everything that 2020 (& now 2021) has thrown at us, 99% of us haven’t met. We are all training on our own, so we only get to chat on WhatsApp.

But Arvinder is a runner, so she’s automatically a friend 🙂

Right, so now let’s chat to the good doctor, shall we?

1)Why do you run?

Initially I started to shed some extra kgs.. but then I fell in love with running. Now I run to enjoy me time and enjoy the movement of my physical body. 

2) When did you start running?

June 2014. 

3) Morning/evening runner?

Evening runner. Post work. So 8 pm type.

4) With or without music?

Somedays.. the sound of nature around is the music.

Mostly with music.. or audio books. My favourite song is https://youtu.be/BQmUM0ThZDU audio books.. Abraham Hicks audios 

(I listened to the qawwali piece Arvinder recommended – very interesting, indeed.)

5) Next running goal?

Well, it was my goal in 2020, but as it was a “special year”, so it is now this year’s goal.. Tuffman Beach Run Goa.. Half Marathon 🙂 🙂


That’s a smashing goal, my friend.

Good luck to you & I’ll definitely chase you for a race report – a beach run in Goa…sounds fab, especially in our current Delhi cold and foggy weather!

In case you missed it, here’s a blog post Arvinder wrote for us last week, about being verbally harassed by some judge-y man in her park.

As I said at the time – the hell with him! You keep running, my friend, and dream of that beach run!

#keeprunning #keepinspiring

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