Anyone for a free platform ticket?

Anyone for a free platform ticket?

Sanjay, one of my cyber-mates in our online running WhatsApp group, shared with us a video from a station in Delhi where, if you do 30 squats, you get a free platform ticket.

I’ve seen these schemes in other countries – Russia, I think? – but never here in India.

It all sounds quite good fun and a good idea to boot, encouraging people to exercise.

See here you go:

That’s one fit young man, by the way…

Anyway, on researching this (yeah yeah, OK, googling it 😛 ) it turns out that this initiative actually dates back to late February last year.

Dunno how I missed the news originally, and I wonder if our subsequent lockdown didn’t push this item out of the papers, but I think it’s a great idea.

Anyone know if there are any more such kiosks in the city?

And indeed elsewhere in the country?

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