Keep your rude comments to yourself, Mister!

Keep your rude comments to yourself, Mister!

As part of my online running training with Dr. Rajat Chauhan and his team, we have a WhatsApp group. (Yeah, yeah, hardly breaking news, I know 😛 ).

As in all such groups, we chat about this, that and t’other.

I’ve only met a couple of the participants in person, but as is the way with groups like this, I’ve come to regard them all as friends and, more importantly, as confidantes.

So I’ve owned up in the group to meltdowns, to feeling rubbish, to not making progress, knowing that – as fellow runners – they’ll all “get” it and won’t judge me.

Runners are like that 🙂

I was going back over old messages earlier today and came across a rather plaintive comment from a woman I only know cyber-wise. She said that she’d been upset by someone passing remarks about her when she was out running.

I asked Arvinder whether she’d mind if I wrote about it here, and she agreed.

So here’s her account:

“In winter, I enjoy my run any time of the day, mostly around noon.

I run in the park next to the colony where I reside. That day it was my easy pace day. It was around 11 am, a bright sunny day, and a refreshing breeze. Plenty of walkers and runners in the park to get their adrenaline rush.

Most of the people in the park are familiar to each other, as it’s connected with 3 colonies.

A middle-aged gentleman (not so gentle) crossed me a few times and had the audacity to pass a remark on me, on my pace and effort.

It was quite gutsy of him to do so, as I do see him in park every now and then.

I wish we have the maturity and decency to not comment on other people running. I’ve been running in this park from 5 years, at anytime of the day or evening, and never felt insecure. But now I guess I need to be more careful.

It’s my humble request to other joggers or walkers, let us be respectful towards others.

Let’s not make others uncomfortable with our gestures during the workout.

Keep running and inspiring.”

The good Doctor – for Arvinder is indeed a Dr – seems remarkably restrained about some bloke having the nerve to comment about her.

And about her exercise.

What a cheek!

I don’t want to get all sexist about an incident I didn’t witness, but you have to wonder whether this bloke would make similar remarks about a man…

Plus I don’t like the way this man’s comments make a woman feel insecure, I really don’t.

Arvinder – I LOVE your “not so gentle” remark. You definitely have the moral high ground here.

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