Wow! This is fun!

Wow! This is fun!

I don’t want to brag, BUT…

I am SUPER chuffed by my Strava stats for 2020, a year that saw us locked-down for weeks on end, and a year in which I struggled to recover from my torn meniscus and, sadly, the beginnings of osteoarthritis in my knees.

Basically, I have battled poor form all year. And felt mightily discouraged by it, too.

I have hardly been able to push beyond a 10-12km run all year, and so my Strava stats came as a very nice surprise indeed.

To wit:

331/365 active days ain’t bad going, Christine. Not bad at all.

That means there were 34 days when I didn’t run/walk/hike…I already know where about 10 of those days went – in long all-day drives up to the hills, for example, or on a couple of days of such filthy pollution here in Delhi, that I didn’t even venture out of the house.

So, 331 days active.

2409 km covered…gosh, I had no idea.

During lockdown I walked & ran up/down/up/down/up/down my driveway several times a day.

And I guess all those evening walks in the local park with The Husband in tow have helped clock up the miles. For weeks I have been doing a short run in the morning + an evening walk, so yes, I guess they do add up.

I like my elevation stats, without q-u-i-t-e understanding what they mean 😛

This elevation gain (below) refers to a smashing hike I did in Himachal in October, that much I know 🙂

Interesting (below) that February was the month in which I spent most time on my feet. I started the month in Bangkok and I remember doing some pretty long exploratory walks and runs…and it’s clear that in November the pollution clearly took a toll…though I was going to gym that month, so I wasn’t shirking too much.

Anyway, which ever way I interpret these stats, I am very happy.

Onwards & upwards for 2021 🙂

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