How was your December mileage?

How was your December mileage?

It’s almost time to shut the computer and log off for 2020.

Never been happier to see the back of a year – and I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

But before I go, sights firmly set on 2021 & better things, here’s my December mileage :

Not going to explain or excuse myself – yes, it’s been less than it should’ve been, but hey! This is New Year’s Eve, after a terrible year, so if my mileage is 156, that’s as good as it gets 🙂

I did run and yomp up in the hills in Uttarkhand, so that was nice.

I’ve taken a few cold days.

A few Delhi-is-polluted-as-hell days.

And so there we are.

Another month done.

Another year done.

Another decade done.

And – as I do every year – I have high hopes for the coming year…which after the abysmal standard set this year, must mean things will get better…right?

Happy New Year, everyone.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

And see you next year 🙂

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