Why do you run? “To bring some consistency to life”

Why do you run? “To bring some consistency to life”

It’s been a while since we Q&A-ed here, but I am about to rectify this.

Kicking off a brand new series, which will star new-running-friends-I-haven’t-yet-met, courtesy of the wretched virus…

Let me explain.

Dr. Rajat Chauhan, one of Delhi’s best known running figures, has been holding online training sessions for the past few months. We all zoom and workout together, we chat on WhatsApp, but have yet to meet and run together. Thank you Coronavirus.

I Whatsapped my training gang the question “Why do you run?” and they have responded in style 🙂

So – let’s get to know the motivation behind my fellow runners.

First up is Rashi Bhargava. Here she is Q&A-ing with us:

1) Why do you run?

To become fit and bring some routine and consistency to life.

2) When did you start running?

July 2020

3) Morning/evening runner?

Evening. Though eventually want to be a morning runner.

4) With or without music?

With music.

(Editor: If you run with music, then share a favourite song, please.)

Instrumental Music on Amazon  Music/Spotify/Gaana.com. I love listening to Kenny G and flute music.

5) Next running goal?

Not thinking too far. First goal is to be consistent in running 5k. One step at a time.

I love Rashi’s answer to this last question – good for you!

Since she only started running so recently, I asked her a supplementary question:

What motivated you to join the La Ultra training?

I have known Dr.Rajat for the last 4 years. I met him in Oct 2016 for my back pain. Liked his work and philosophy. I started following his work on Linkedin/FB/Twitter. Since I was a active sports person in school, running and sports always fascinated me.
I had attended his two day IRun festival in July 2017. Loved every bit of it. From there on started following La Ultra.

How nice 🙂

Rashi, thanks a ton, and more power to you.

#keeprunning #keepinspiring

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