How was your November mileage?

How was your November mileage?

Mine wasn’t great, I’ll admit.

121.97km, which I’ll round up to 122k if you don’t mind. There are quite a few treadmill km which I can’t seem to tally, but no sweat. 122k it is.

This month has seen a combo of VERY slow running + walking + hiking, so I’ve been active, but not as active as I would’ve wished. I’ll blame the filthy Delhi pollution, shall I? 😛

On the other hand, this month I have become a total weight-lifting bore.

Just started, absolutely love it and (as with so many of these later life passions) wonder why the hell didn’t I start doing it years ago?!!

So anyway here we are. November over.

The year end is in sight, but I fear there’s no immediate end in sight to the wretched virus that has grounded us all for most of the year.

I, for one, can’t get excited at the thought of a shiny new year, because I fear it is going to be very much the same as this year.

To wrap this up before it gets too maudlin – look at my Facebook memory from 7 years ago today when I was a baby runner 🙂 🙂 🙂

We were all training for the 6k great Delhi Run – a distance that seemed terrifying at this stage. Awww…

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