Wear a sari.  Run a World Major Marathon

Wear a sari. Run a World Major Marathon

A couple of years ago, here in this blog, I’d shared the story of Jayanthi Sampath Kumar, a lady in Hyderabad who ran the challenging Hyderabad Marathon in a sari.

As someone who battles to run fast in shorts and a tee, I was full of admiration for Ms Kumar.

And yesterday a friend sent me a link to a story of a lady who ran the prestigious Berlin in a sari in 2018 (thanks George!).

Just running Berlin is impressive enough, but to do it in 9 yards of fabric – whew!

Even though I am married to an Indian, I’ve never worn a sari – MAJOR lack of confidence when I was younger and thinner, and now is not the age to start 😛

But the mere idea of running competitively with all that fabric…I’m dumbfounded!!

Makes you think though – there must be so many women in the rural areas of India who wear a sari and sprint to catch a bus, without even giving it a second thought 🙂


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