How was your October mileage?

How was your October mileage?


Just checked my mileage on Garmin for October and it was more moderate than I thought – a mere 177.61km.

Somehow imagined I’d’ve done more.

In my own defense, I did hurt my toe a few weeks ago (still hurts a wee bit, if I’m being honest) so I didn’t run for 6 whole days.

So that’s virtually a week off, right?

What I did do in October, however, was trek in the Himalayas which was fab but already seems a lifetime ago. The beginning of the month seems so long ago.

And I restarted in-person 1:1 gym sessions.

And I started weight training for the first time in my life.

So, yup, the month hasn’t been a total washout.

As I say every month “onwards and upwards”, though realistically with the terrible AQI we have here in Delhi in the winter, I’ll be logging more treadmill miles – AH YES!!


Didn’t count 2 treadmill sessions this month.

There you go, Christine, it’s not as bad as all that, after all:

177 + treadmill, for what was effectively 3 weeks.

OK, I’ll take that 🙂


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