Racing in a real in-person race!

Racing in a real in-person race!

Remember I introduced you here, a couple of weeks ago, to one of my cyber-running-buddies, the ageless Dickie Longo from Louisiana?

Well, dear Dickie managed to run a REAL race this weekend, at the North Shore 5k.

And, as usual, he swept most of the honours, winning several categories. What a legend 🙂

FYI, Dickie is 83 AND ageless, as I said at the outset:

Race today was first live race in Louisiana since shutdown.

About 500 runners in 5k and 10k.

My first 5k in 7 months.

Really rusty and knee sleeves didn’t help much.

Getting slower by the day. Started in waves with each runner 6 feet apart. No usual party afterwards. No awards ceremony. Winner awards will be mailed to us.

Won 65+, 75+ and 80+. Missed 70+. Think most older fast runners did the 10k.

Time 34:56 with achy knees.

Hard week of training for live race on Sat.

Can’t wait.

HOW fab is that? Winning 3 categories – though I’m puzzled how anyone could beat you, dear friend!

I asked Dickie – via Facebook, which is where we hang out 😛 – for a photo, and he directed me to this one with one of his running friends, Lori Gaston:

In a follow-up comment on FB, here’s what Mr. Longo had to say:

See what happens to the neck when you hit 83. It’s coming my dear young friends. Regardless please keep running as long as possible. I really don’t care what I look like as long as I can run everyday. Love it.

Dickie, my dear, you are beyond inspirational, and I love the fact that you clearly don’t take yourself too seriously!

Thanks a ton, well done, and good luck for your next race this weekend 🙂

#keeprunning #keepinspiring


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