What was your September mileage?

What was your September mileage?

Done it again, haven’t I?

Stopped 22 metres short of a nice round figure for my September mileage? 😛

I vowed after doing the same thing in August that I’d be sure to “round off” my stats & make ’em look nice & neat, but did I remember?

Nah! Of course I didn’t.

I was actually a little surprised by my low September figures – 181.78km.

And a lot of these kilometres were walking and (excitingly) hiking. At the end of the month, we finally headed out of Delhi after six long months, and went up to the hills of Himachal, where I hiked quite a bit.

So, strictly speaking, they are not all running miles, but are most definitely Time on Feet miles :).

I earned every single one of those hiking miles, I can tell you, puffing my way up steep Himachali slopes.

As part of a 33 day training programme with Dr. Chauhan, I was supposed to run less, but run more structured distances. So that’s also a contributing factor.

I am, of course, falling into the trap of equating a high number with being “better”. Which I know is absolutely not the case.

Quality over quantity, every time.

Anyway, this is my September for you:

  1. Some high altitude hikes

2. Some structured short runs.

3. And a fair dollop of my own running-for-fun.

Onwards & upwards for October!

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