How was your August mileage?

How was your August mileage?



Somehow thought I’d have done more than 248.83…which, rounded up is 249, right?…and why on earth didn’t I do one more kilometre and end up with a nice round figure of 250?!!

(Note to self – check that kind of thing on the last day of the month, woman, and then run that extra mile. Literally.)

So, yeah, 248.83km for August which is OK, I suppose.

It is definitely up on July.

But nothing to write home about.

I did take a few days off immediately after our #thehighcamp 11-day challenge, and had an injection in both knees, so I s’pose that’s some kind excuse.

So there we are – 248.83km in the heat and crazy humidity of a Delhi August.

Saw zillions of peacocks during those 249km – well, not really zillions, obviously, just the same bunch every day – dancing their little hearts out.

I’ve seen jackal and mongoose and a kingfisher. Hoopoo and drongos and sparrows, which are (I hope) making a bit of a comeback in the park.

I’ve run in the rain a couple of times, which is always fun.

It’s been a good month, despite the knee ache.

Onwards & upwards for September!

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