What did you see on your run today? #439 stars an inquisitive policeman

What did you see on your run today? #439 stars an inquisitive policeman

For those of you who follow me on Instagram – and many thanks, by the way 🙂 – you’ll have seen that I took part recently in an 11-day challenge to walk/skip/squat every day.

Did it.

Got the T shirt.

Got the medal.

AND also got a WHOLE new bunch of friends, thanks to our Zoom sessions and WhatsApp group.

Even though the challenge is officially over, we decided to keep our WhatsApp group going, such was the happy energy, and so every morning people share their running photos and their stats, and it’s all great fun.

Which leads me to the inquisitive policeman.

One of the members of our group is called Sachin Kumbhar and from his message (below) l worked out that he lives in Navi Mumbai (New Bombay).

So, Sunday morning, this story appears in our WhatsApp chat :

“Day started early, 5 o’clock, stepping out of home for race.

5:30 am started the running leg comprising 10 km.

Immediately another leg – 3 km run.

After that reaching home and checking watch for battery charge and immediately taking up bike and leaving for third leg of race, which is the bike course. This time I thought of choosing Panvel-Khopoli highway road. Started from New Pnvel reached up to Nadal Village which was 20k exact.

Asked where is Morbe Dam – local boy said go this way.

I once again asked for Morbe Dam.

No..no.. it’s Nadal Dam…

Ohhhh I said. Chalo, let’s have a look.

Rode up to dam. It was a really mesmerising view. Took a few pics and the local boys enjoyed my bike ride – you can see in the photo.

After that U-turn while returning back, I experienced rainfall.

So a few kilometres ahead, at a police choki, a policeman stopped me. Asked me what is this cycle, I also want to buy.

He asked me the price of the cycle, so I explained to him about types of cycles. He said thanks and I continued back home to New Panvel.

And so I completed one more race this weekend, Ironman VR 21.”

Sweet story, right?

And yes I know, I know, the main part is about cycling, but please don’t forget that Sachin is a runner, and also please don’t forget that he DID run 13km that morning, so this is a perfectly legit post 🙂

I love the curious traffic cop.

Thanks Sachin!

#keeprunning #keepinspiring

PS – I Googled Ironman VR21 for you (I’m thoughtful, like that!!) – it’s a virtual race, like almost everything in 2020…


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