Anyone for a “clothing optional run”?

Anyone for a “clothing optional run”?

Gotta love my girlfriends.

My friend Shalini, sitting up in the mountains of Himachal (lucky thing, by the way) Whatsapped me a link to an article in today’s New York Times, about a naked run.

As one does.

Last weekend a Bouncing Buns Clothing Optional 5k was held in the US, and while it is absolutely not my cup of tea, it appears to have been a big hit.

The older I get, the less inhibitions I have, and the less I care what people think and say.

BUT I could no more do a naked run than…well, I actually have no idea what the comparisons should be!

And yes, obviously an event like this could never happen in India, where I live.

Just. Could. Not.

But it seems that it was a jolly affair, totally un-prurient, and everyone wore running shoes.

And masks.

Jen Miller, the woman who wrote the article, wore a bra.

Weird, but hey! 2020 is a totally weird year, so if people enjoy running wild and free – good luck to them.

Nowhere to pin your running bib…duh! So they write the number on your leg!


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