What did you see on your run today? #438 comes from London

Over the past few months, I have shared with you photos from my London-based friend Alison, who runs and exercises in Richmond Park, a glorious area in the south of the city, with huge open spaces and smashing tracks for running and biking. Plus there are herds of deer roaming freely, so it is all quite wonderful.

Alison was there this weekend, and sent us this update on the wildlife:

“the incredible diving ducks”

Too cute.

I love the “camouflaged deer” (below) coyly hiding from the camera.

But my favourite is this moment Alison captured :

“Practising, and a little embarrassed when they realise they have an audience…”

Thanks, as ever, my friend for these lovely glimpses into the urban wildlife you are privileged to see.

We all definitely need more images like this, during these terrible times…

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